Young Barley

Experience the power of nature with EnergyLife Young Barley! Our nutrient-rich supplement harnesses barley grass to promote full-body regeneration, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and support mood and concentration. Live a healthier, happier life with EnergyLife Young Barley.

EnergyLife Young Barley is one of the best ways to complete regeneration of the body. The laboratory tests showed that the barley grass remarkable advantages resulting from the combination of many nutrients and unique digestive enzymes. These natural nutrients contained in the corn operate in synergy complementing its functions and restoring the normal functioning of cells and organs.
Antioxidant enzymes
SOD - very strongly antioxidant, strengthens defenses, neutralize free radicals, prolongs the life of the cells and accelerates regeneration.
2-O-GIV protects against cancer-causing substances which exist in the environment and solar radiation.
Vitamin B17 selectively destructs the cancer cells without damaging the healthy ones.
Gluco-protein (P4D1) actively stimulates the immune system and supports decomposition of the anti-carcinogenic substances, reducing the risk of cancer.
Consumption of Barley grass also helps with men's impotence and regulates abnormal prostate cancer.
Strengthening the cardiovascular system
Chlorophyll found in EnergyLife Young Barley is an excellent source of balanced nutrition, so that increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood - this means more blood rich in oxygen, which is the most important element in cell regeneration. Furthermore, as micro algae, has mucopolysaccharides reinforcing all tissues, including the heart and blood vessels.
Improve BMI
EnergyLife Young Barley is the best source of substances that the body needs for proper growth, cell renewal and great feeling. It is the perfect antidote for people struggling with weight problem. In its composition it has a very high concentration of digestible nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and fat burning ingredients.
Improve mood and excellent concentration
EnergyLife Young Barley is recommended especially for children and the elderly due to the wealth of minerals in it. They have a desired effect on the mineralization of the body and help them with the problem of concentration. EnergyLife Young Barley also contains serotonin and tryptophan, the so-called "happy hormones", responsible for improving mood. It also provides choline as a building material for the formation of lecithin necessary for the proper operation of the nervous system.
Excellent acid-base balance of the body
EnergyLife Young Barley balances the pH in the body, making the body's cells start to function properly. EnergyLife Young Barley is useful for fatigue and nutrional disorders, it can also help skin cleansing.


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